Ethan Kramer

Websites & Email Marketing


During my employment at the Brownstein Group, I helped build out some of IKEA's marketing emails as well as helped put together their online product catalogs.

HTML, CSS, Photoshop


Before Friendly's signed with Netplus, their website provided a horrible user experience for those looking for product information online, looking to redeem an offer or order food online. The site was horribly designed. After a complete re-design, they saw a significant increase in traffic to their website, online orders, order remdemptions and of course profit.

WordPress, PHP, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Git, Node.js, Grunt, Photoshop
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Steven Singer Jewelers

Steven Singer Jewelers is the owner of the iconic "I hate Steven Singer!" tagline. While at Netplus, I helped maintain their website by adding new pages to their website, troubleshooting issues with existing features, adding new features and swapping out marketing material showcased on their website. I even got to meet Steven himself.

HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Photoshop
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Western Union

While at the Brownstein Group I helped build a series of responsive emails that Western Union used to promote their new Speedpay feature.

HTML, CSS, Photoshop

Netplus Marketing

Netplus' old website was in desperate need of a re-design. It's design was outdated and its UX wasn't optimized to take into account the who would be viewing their site and the path through their site those potential viewers would take. The new design is much more functional, aesthetically pleasing and a much better showcase of their work, company culture and the personality of the people working there.

WordPress, PHP, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Git, Node.js, Gulp, Photoshop
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Netplus Marketing Style Guide

While in the design phase of this Netplus' website refresh, I suggested that a style guide be built and approved by the client before any other pages were built. This guide would include common elements like buttons, colors, font sizes, mobile breakpoint sizes and once approved, would greatly reduce QA time, ultimately resulting in a lower overall budget for the project.

HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Git, Node.js, Gulp
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Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

The Pennsylvania Association of Realtor's (PAR's) previous website was simply horrible. The UX was terrible and the design was even worse. After the team at Netplus got a chance to give it a complete re-design the site looked so much better. It was so much easier to use and served as a central location where members can view real estate-related events happening near them, download real estate-related forms, locate other realtors and more.

WordPress, PHP, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Git, Node.js, Grunt, Photoshop
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Beneficial Bank

At the Brownstein Group, I helped work on a much needed re-design Beneficial Bank's website. The refreshed website was built in .NET with the DotNetNuke (DNN) CMS. I was tasked with adding in new pages, updating pages that had already been created with certain features, adding in new features and troubleshooting issues with existing features. The DNN CMS had a slight learning curve but being a fast-learner it didn't take me too long to figure out my way around.

DotNetNuke CMS, HTML, CSS, JS, Photoshop
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Philadelphia Citizen

The Philadelphia Citizen is a news organization local to the Philadelphia area and they contract the Brownstein Group for complete refresh of their website. I worked with two other programmers throughout the development of this site. It's a WordPress backed website, that was built PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS, JS & jQuery.

WordPress, PHP, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Git, Photoshop
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Forum of Executive Women

The Forum of Executive Women is an non-profit organization that focuses on empowering women and highlighting women in positions of leadership and how they got there. Netplus gave their site a much needed refresh and ever since then their site has really helped acheive their mission in a much helping more women achieve positions of leadership in a much easier way.

WordPress, PHP, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Git, Node.js, Grunt, Photoshop
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Alpha Children's Home

This site is special to me. It was the very first production-quality website I ever did. I started the development of this website when I was a sophomore in high school for an orphanage (the Alpha Children's Home) that is affiliated with my parent's church and located in Guyana, South America.

PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Google Maps API

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Faye's Blog

This is a blog I designed for a physician in Ecuador while I was in high school. She wanted a place where she could upload her daily journal writings, but didn't have much time to update her blog everyday. So I integrated a unique feature where she could email a specific email address the content of her new blog post and it would be posted to the site, once the email was received.
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, CodeIgniter

Libraries, API, Tooling Setups & Apps

Found App

A small team of designers and developers at Netplus participated in a Hackathon put on by the Philadelphia Musuem of Art. The app we created as a result, was a scavenger hunt game where users had to explore the musuem to find specific pieces of artwork. We used React Native to build the app quickly and so we could have one code-base for both iOS and Android. The app uses iBeacons & Bluetooth LE to detect when users are entering a gallery and artificial intelligence to verify that the object that the user took a picture of is the object they were told to take a picture of.

React, React Native, JSX, ES6 (also called ES2015), JS, Node.js, Xcode, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Artificial Intelligence
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Modern Gulp Setup

Before I created this setup during my employment at Netplus Marketing they were using an antiquated Grunt setup that sometimes took a up to a minute to compile and minify the proper files. Not only is this Gulp setup alot faster overall, but in addition to traditional compilation and minification tasks, it also adds in vendor prefixes at compile time (right after SCSS compilation), sends out OS notifications if your SCSS or JS failed to compile and what caused it to fail, and creates SCSS and JS sourcemaps to make debugging a breeze.

Gulp, JS, Node.js

Colorrs API

A unique api I created in my early college days, that fetches photos from dribbble based on the colors in them.


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Fiddles API

This is an API I created to parse the HAML, Markdown, SCSS, LESS and CoffeeScript that users write their projects in, in the Fiddles App. It returns the parsed code and also has the ability to upload projects created in the app to a public server for online viewing.


Fiddles App

The concept behind Fiddles was to create an app that would allow users, on any iOS device they own, to jot down those instant moments of inspiration or make a simple edit to a certain project on the go. It allowed users to write code in HAML, HTML, Markdown, SCSS, LESS, JS, CoffeeScript and once created those projects could be shared on Github as a Gist, saved to Dropbox, CloudApp or Email. The Dropbox and CloudApp export abilities allow users to start one project on their phone and continue on their computer.

Objective-C, Dropbox API, Github Gist API, Photoshop

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A jQuery plugin I created in high school for simple, in-line page editing. Storage.js uses the HTML5 contenteditable attribute and localStorage to allow you to make simple modifications to any site without the overhead that a CMS typically provides.

HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery

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I created CPR for a senior-project in one my computer science classes in college. Back then Yeoman didn’t exist so I created CPR to do what it does. It automates directory structure creation, automatically starts a local server to compile pre-processor languages like HAML, SCSS, LESS and CoffeeScript down to their web-standards equivalents. It also provided a simpler syntax for installing projects from Github, similar to what Bower does.

Node.js, JS

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Common Components

I created this project to serve as a repository for common controls like custom select boxes, modals, carousels and more. Currently it only has the one custom select box plugin. During my employment at the Brownstein Group and Netplus Marketing I found that instead of going with a completely custom solution each time for each one of the components described above, it's usually better to modify an existing component – like those that exist in the Boostrap components library

HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery

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A simple PHP library for MySQL DB access and querying.


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A simple and powerful PHP-based dribbble client.

PHP, Dribbble API

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Randomizr App

In my early college years, I created this app to serve as a source of instant inspiration to designers. I found out that COLOURlovers was a website frequented by designers to help get inspiration for their next project. I noticed that this site was very organized, there was no way for someone to go there and get a random color palette. So, I fixed that. This app does just that, shows designers random color palettes from COLOURlovers. But it also allows users to search for a specific set of palettes either by keyword or by hexadecimal code.

Objective-C, COLOURlovers API
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Random Color Generator

This is a simple little service I created in college that generates a completely random palette of colors. In my early college years, I was actually a graphic design major so this helped me start out a few designs. What it does is, generate a random number from 0 to 255 for each of the red, blue and green portions of the rgb-namespaced colors that it generates.