Ethan Kramer

Web and iOS developer

I am currently a Front-End Developer at Netplus Marketing. A growing digital marketing startup based in Center City. Their clients include Friendly's, Independence Blue Cross, Black & Decker, Merck and many others. Learn more about them here. I love the relaxed atmosphere that Netplus provides and everyone is so friendly.

I know HTML, CSS, SCSS, LESS, JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL Objective-C, Swift, and Ruby. I’m learning NodeJS, AngularJS and Rails. I have created a variety of web services, web sites, APIs, apps, and libraries.

Swift Testing Framework

A simple BDD-testing framework written in Swift. When I couldn't find a Swift version of Kiwi I was inspired to create this framework as an alternative.

Swift, BDD Testing

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AngularJS ToDo App

A simple todo app that I built in AngularJS to learn how to use the library. The app allows people add tasks, mark them as complete, search tasks and remove the completed ones from the list.

HTML, CSS, JS, AngularJS

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Hacker App

Hacker App's many features allow you to write in HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, or JS, create NodeJS and AngularJS projects and edit files on FTP, S3, Github, Dropbox, Box and Dropigee.

Hacker App is a Swift version of Fiddles App, with more modern features such as the ability to edit files on your Amazon S3 account, Github, Box or write start local projects from Angular and NodeJS templates.

Swift, Objective-C, BDD Testing, Amazon AWS

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Hacker App Landing Page

A fully responsive one page landing I created for Hacker App in Rails just because I want to get more familiar with Rails and the process creating, testing and publishing Rails sites.

HTML, SCSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Heroku


Philadelphia Citizen

The Philadelphia Citizen is a new news organization in Philadelphia. I did various aspects of their website while at employed at The Brownstein Group. Some examples include most of the front & back-end of the Wordpress-backed “Donate” page as well as various aspects of the article and “Contact” pages, article pages and other minor updates and maintenance as instructed.

HTML, SCSS, JS, PHP, WordPress
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Common Comps

A repository containing jquery plugins for common functionality such as various types of carousels and custom dropdowns.


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Fiddles App

Create, share and debug websites on your phone or iPad. Fiddles supports HTML, Markdown, HAML, CSS, SCSS, LESS, JS, CoffeeScript as well as Prefix Free and Normalize.css. Share your snippets on Twitter, Facebook, Github as a Gist, Dropbox, CloudApp and Email.

Objective-C, Dropbox API, Github Gist API

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Fiddles API

A PHP-based API I created to interact with Fiddles that parses the Markdown, HAML, SCSS, LESS, and CoffeeScript and returns the parsed pre-processor code in its respective HTML, CSS or JS equivalent and uploads snippets created in Fiddles to for public viewing.


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Colorrs API

A unique api for fetching photos from popular design networks based on the colors in them.


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A simple and powerful PHP dribbble client.


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A jQuery plugin for simple HTML5 page edits. Storage.js uses the new HTML5 contenteditable attribute and localStorage to bring you HTML5 awesomeness. The plugin was recommeded by Smashing Magazine and Forrst (now Tavern).


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A simple PHP library for MySQL DB access and querying.


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Faye's Blog

A blog uniquely designed and developed for physician in Ecuador, South America. It's easy user interface provides client with the ability to update blog via email.

One thing about this project that I am especially proud of is the custom CMS I created to manage the blog content (posts and their comments).

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, CodeIgniter

Alpha Children's Home Re-Design

A re-visiting of the 4 year old design of Alpha Children Home's website specifically designed to follow modern design trends.


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Alpha Children's Home

Alpha Children’s Home is an orphanage based in Guyana, South America sponsored by Maranatha Christian Fellowship. The founder of the orphanage approached me and requested that I create a fully-functional-interactive website for the organization.


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Random Color Generator

A PHP-based web service I created that generates a random palette of 5 colors and gives their hexademical codes. Useful for designers. It works by picking a random number between 1 and 255 for each of one of the RGB values and then piecing together the RGB values and converting it a hexadecimal value which is then used to style the portion of the color palette.



Randomizr App

An iOS App for pulling instant inspiration from COLOURlovers. Randomizr eliminates the need to spend hours on COLOURlovers looking for just the right palette or color for your design by showing random groups of colors that go well together and allowing you to search through a larger collections of palettes by keyword (e.g. "red", "green" or "blue") or hexadecimal code so you can find just what you're looking for instantly.

Objective-C, COLOURlovers API
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CPR is a command-line website creation and development toolkit. It is developed entirely in NodeJS. CPR can can be used to create the initial file structure for a website, continuously watch HAML, LESS, SASS and CoffeeScript files for changes and re-compile the file and create the appropriate HTML, CSS and JS files, and install dependencies into your project from Github.

NodeJS, JavaScript, Unix, Linux

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